Processes and Products

Ginning is the process of separating the cotton fibers from the cotton seeds. Perfect ginning operation would be performed if the separation of fibers from seed was effected without the slightest injury to either seeds or to the fiber. A cotton gin is a machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seeds, a job previously done by hand. These seeds are either used again to grow more cotton or, if badly damaged, are disposed of. It uses a combination of a wire screen and small wire hooks to pull the cotton through the screen, while brushes continuously remove the loose cotton lint to prevent jams.
The term “gin” is an abbreviation for engine and means “machine”.

Spinning is the first steps of textile product processing. The process of making yarns from the textile fiber is called spinning. Spinning is the twisting together of drawn out strands of fibers to form yarn, though it is colloquially used to describe the process of drawing out, inserting the twist, and winding onto bobbins. There are different types of spinning, the most commonly forms of spinning are: Ring, Rotor spinning, Air Jet, and Friction etc.

We are manufacturing 100% cotton yarn from best Tanzania cotton which is known to be contamination free. Yarn spun from such quality cotton is extremely smooth and gives extra strength to the fabrics. The facility has state-of-the-art machinery for production and testing, to manufacture with consistent quality.

Yarn Type
End Use
Additional Information
Carded Single Ne 16s Ne 20s Ne 24s Ne 30s Weaving Knotted yarn suited for medium speed looms
Carded Double Ne 2/20s Ne 2/24s Ne 2/30s Weaving Weaving Knotted yarn. Doubling on Ring Twisters
Combed Ne 20s Ne 2/20s Weaving Knotted yarn
Carded Single Ne 20s Ne 24s Ne 28s Knitting Spliced Yarn from Schlafhorst 238 Autoconers
Combed Ne 20s Ne 30s Ne 34s Knitting Spliced Yarn from Schlafhorst 238 Autoconers

At our facility we produce carded yarn of weaving and hosiery counts

Count Spun Weaving yarn is: Ne 16/1 KW, 20/1 KW, 24/1 KW, 30/1 KW and 32/KW.

Count Spun Knitting yarn is: N1 20/1 KHX, 24/1KHX and 30/1 KHX

We can also spin a special requirement within the above range of Ne 16s to Ne 30s.

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