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New Tabora Textiles Tanzania Limited was established in November 2003 to acquire the assets and operations of the Government run spinning plant to rehabilitate and modernize the biggest facility for production of 100% cotton yarn in Tanzania.

Plant located at Tabora, the heart of cotton growing region of Tanzania, is designed by Tata Consultants India, has an excellent layout on a built up area of 26,000 sq. meters with installed annual capacity of 6200 tons of cotton yarn with major thrust on exports.

In Tanzania, the cotton textile industrial sector is one of the major sectors and played an important role. The revival of the textile sector play significant role in the economy of the country.

Reestablishment of Tabora Textiles has many significant socio economic benefits to Tabora and surrounding region and the Nation.

The Tabora Textile produce cotton yarn – both carded and combed. Its products are sold in domestic market for further processing (the textile manufacturers with the weaving facilities to produce fabrics), and for the export markets like Europe, South Africa, China and Far East.

At New Tabora our biggest strength is the superior quality products we produce. We move with the notion that Customer service is a way of life. We develop relations with our customers extend beyond the boundaries of market place. We firmly believe in providing our customers with sales support and developing intimate relations with them.

Our quality is the result of state of the art technology. We have a well experienced & highly motivated technical team, which is trained to produce the best quality products by maintaining regulation and inspection in all aspects of quality control. We continue to move towards exploring new horizons by constantly innovating our product mix. Our technical team travels around the world in order to produce best quality at minimal costs.

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